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Banks available with Meeseva
  • User can avail the services 24/7 across the globe.
  • User can avail the services directly without visiting Departments or Meeseva centers.
  • User will get SMS about the application status and also he can check the status online.
  • To know latest updates on Meeseva services.
  • The payments can be made securely using Net banking.
List of Services :
  1. Mines & Geology Department - Mineral Concession Application
  2. Industries Department - Sanction Of Incentives
  3. IT&C Department - Sanction Of Incentives
  4. Registration Department - Encumbrance Application
  5. Application for CC of Record of Measurement
  6. Application for CC of TSLR
  7. Application for CC of Protected Tenant
  8. Application for Demarcation (HYD)
  9. Application for CC of D - Form Patta
  10. Application for CC of House Site Patta
  11. Application for Money Lending License
  12. Application for Pawn Broker License
  13. Certified Copies Of Panchanama
  14. Application for Farm Mechanization
  15. Application for Apathbandhu Scheme